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The award-winning Suzuki Vitara is a compact SUV that’s built for fun!

The first-generation Suzuki Vitara made its début back in 1988. More than thirty years later, the Suzuki Vitara’s heritage is embodied in a fresh sport utility vehicle. 


The new Vitara 1.6 and 1.4 with BoosterJet, features dimensions that meet contemporary needs. It incorporates Suzuki’s comfortable on-road performance that satisfies all-round expectations in fuel economy, power, space and of course – fun.


The Vitara expresses Suzuki’s SUV styling heritage in a strong, muscular design. Its essence is revealed through the clamshell bonnet, front bumper as well as the flared and modernised fender garnish. 

With an extensive range of accessories, interior trims to mix and match, and two-tone exterior colours to choose from, ‘you are what you drive’ takes on a whole new meaning in the Vitara.

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    • Engine
    • Transmission
      6-Speed MT/6-Speed AT
    • Drive Train
    • Performance
    • Wheels
      215/55R17 + alloy wheels

    • Front Grille
    • Door Handles
      Body Coloured
    • Headlamps
      Halogen multireflector (high beam) + LED Projector (low beam)
    • Fog Lamps

    • Steering Wheel
      Leather covered
    • Information Display
      4.2-inch colour LCD
    • Audio and Bluetooth
      Smartphone linkage display audio + Bluetooth + Rearview camera
    • USB Port
      Centre-lower box
    • Upholstery
      Suede and synthetic leather
Model Retail Price Service Plan Warranty (Promotional)
Vitara 1.6 GL 5MT 2WD R310900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km
Vitara 1.6 GL+ 5MT 2WD R350900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km
Vitara 1.6 GL+ 6AT 2WD R379900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km
Vitara 1.6 GLX 6AT 2WD R412900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km
Vitara 1.6 GLX 5MT ALLGRIP R419900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km
Vitara 1.4 TURBO GLX 6MT R419900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km
Vitara 1.4 TURBO GLX 6AT R439900 4 yr / 60 000 km 5 yr / 200 000 km

    The Vitara's powerful and responsive engines produce very confident driving on busy city roads as well as winding gravel roads. Reduced friction and weight in the engine ensure exceptional fuel economy with CO2 emissions from 136g/km.


    The 4WD system, AllGrip, has four driver-selectable modes – Auto, Sport, Mud/Snow and Lock – designed to maximise road grip while decreasing running costs.


    The Vitara’s impressive safety features are made up of dual front, side and curtain airbags as well as a knee airbag for the driver. It also comes with ABS with BAS/EBD, ESP (electronic stability control) and rear Isofix child seat anchorage points. The safety-packed Vitara achieved a 5-star EuroNCAP rating.


    With 375 litres of luggage space, 60:40 split folding rear seat capability and a movable luggage board, the Vitara was designed to accommodate your life – plus the people in it.


    The panoramic sunroof consists of two overlapping glass panels which can both slide, so they don’t affect the cabin or carrier space.


    A 7-inch touchscreen display enables intuitive operation of multimedia features including audio, hands-free phone, reverse camera and smartphone integration. Features can be selected from the four main operating modes - Listen, Call, Drive and Connect.

Suzuki Vitara Reviews

The Suzuki Vitara has stood the ultimate test of time. The legend first began in 1988, and more than thirty years later, the Vitara’s heritage is embodied in a fresh sport utility vehicle. The Vitara remains a compact SUV that wasn’t only built for fun but lets you Drive The Fun. The Vitara boasts a spacious interior, comprehensive safety features, and groundbreaking driving intelligence. If you’re looking for an adventurous family car, the intuitive, instinctive, and responsive Vitara was made for you.


Touchscreen with Reverse Camera (GLX)

ABS, EBD, ESP and Seven Airbags

Multi-function Steering Wheel

The Vitara is intuitive, instinctive and responsive - it's the perfect family car!

With its spacious interior, comprehensive safety features and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, the Vitara redefines compact SUV comfort and driving intelligence. You’ll enjoy a car with a high level of luxury finishes at an affordable price.



Your car is an extension of you. Take a look at our wide range of car accessories to personalise your Suzuki - making your car suit your needs, taste and personality.

Vitara_Front_Colours_8 ACTIVATE 3D MODE

The product images shown on this website may represent the range or product for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product available in South Africa. The product specifications and accessories may vary for South African availability from time to time. Please enquire with your dealer for exact specifications, accessories and colour availability.

From the initial development stage, Vitara was designed with personalisation in mind. Its legacy lives on as a fresh sport utility vehicle; shrunken to meet contemporary needs with a striking on-road presence, distinctive exterior and sharp, sporty looks. All this and more, makes the stylish new Vitara a thrilling SUV that gives you the itch to start it up and drive.​



urban pack - details in brochure

rugged pack - details in brochure

front grille fins - Part No. 99114-86R10-0CB

front grille upper garnish - Part No. 99114-86R00-26U

front bumper center accent line - Part No. 990E0-86R12-26U

side fender garnish - Part No. 990E0-54P71-26U

daytime running light accent line - Part No. 990E0-86R11-26U

door mirror cover set - Part No. 990E0-86R01-ZCF

rear bumper center accent line - Part No. 990E0-86R15-ZCF

roof edge spoiler - Part No. 990E0-54P05-000

front bumper garnish and front skid plate set - Part No. 990E0-86R44-FSP

rear skid plate - Part No. 990E0-86R47-000

fender extension set - Part No. 990E0-54P09-000

door visor - Front - Part No. 990E0-54P24-000 / Rear - Part No. 990E0-54P25-000

decor set "giraffe" - Part No. 990E0-54P95-000

rear hatch moulding - Part No. 990E0-54P22-000

led coming home function - Part No. 99000-990B4-132

side body moulding large - Part No. 990E0-54P07-000

side body moulding small - Part No. 990E0-54P08-CSM

door handle cover set - Part No. 990E0-61M44-000 (keyless)

mud flap rigid - Front. Part No. 72210-54P00-000 Rear. Part No. 72230-54P00-000

mud flap flexible - Part No. 990E0-54P13-000 Rear. Part No. 990E0-54P14-000

valve cap set s-logo - Part No. 990E0-19069-SET

wheel bolt cover - Part No. 990E0-61M70-COV

center caps - Silver. Part No. 990E0-61M75-CAP

a/c louver ring set - Part No. 990E0-54P74-ZCF

center clock tough - Part No. 9921F-86R00-000

center clock carbon - Part No. 99000-99053-CL1

door trim garnish - Part No. 990E0-86R16-ZZE

center trim - Part No. 990E0-86R78-ZZE

ambient lights - Part No. 99000-99080-C17

steering wheel - Part No. 990E0-54P91-RED

steering wheel garnish - Part No. 990E0-54P75-ZCF

gear shift knob - Part No. 990E0-54P36-TUR

leather boot - Part No. 990E0-54P38-RED

rubber floor mat set - Part No. 75901-54PA1-000

center armrest - Part No. 990E0-54P35-000

door sill guard set elegant - Part No. 990E0-54P60-001

loading edge protection - Part No. 990E0-54P51-000

door sill protection foil - Part No. 990E0-54P30-000

bumper protection foil - Part No. 990E0-54P57-000

cargo mat "eco" - Part No. 990E0-54P40-000

cargo organiser - Part No. 990E0-54P21-000

cargo tray - Part No. 990E0-54P15-000

cargo tray with raised edges - Part No. 990E0-54P80-000

boot cargo net - Part No. 990E0-65J39-000

vertical cargo net - Part No. 990E0-54P34-001

multi roof rack - Part No. 78901-54P00-000 (for cars with roof rail)

roof box "certo 460" - Part No. 990E0-59J43-000

roof basket - Part No. 990E0-62R42-000

bicycle carrier " giro af" - Part No. 990E0-59J20-000

cargo partition grid - Part No. 990E0-54P48-000

parking sensors - Front. Part No. 990E0-54P56-010 Rear. 1 4 5 Part No. 990E0-54P53-015

rear seat protective cover - Part No. 990E0-78R44-000

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