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R204 900
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Suzuki Ertiga

LUV is a Life Utility Vehicle that is here to transform the way you live and drive your life. The all-new Ertiga, an ergonomically designed seven-seater MPV with a powerful and responsive engine, brought together in a stylish design to create a new-car category, is the latest edition to the Suzuki family.

Open the door of the Ertiga and step into a world where elegance meets comfort, with enough space to optimise the convenience of the driver and all passengers. The Ertiga’s competent 1.4-litre engine (with fuel consumption of only 6.6 litres per 100km) * is the most fuel-efficient people-carrier in its class, which explains its effortless driving abilities both in the city and on highways.

Whether you’re driving the kids to school in rush-hour traffic, taking the family on a weekend excursion to the zoo, or courtesy transporting guests between hotels and airports, the practical Ertiga will take you there.


7 Seater

The seven-seater Ertiga comes with a spacious interior that complements its imposing appearance on the road. Its pleasantly stylish beige interior provides the perfect balance

Fuel Efficiency

The proven 1.4 litre engine’s impressive environmental credentials include fuel consumption of only 6.2l/100km (combined cycle), which explains its effortless ability to drive in the city and on the highways.

Stylish Design

All it takes is one look. Then that incredible feeling takes over and it feels like falling in love for the first time - again. Designed to seat a whopping seven passengers, this sophisticated vehicle is an exciting addition to the Suzuki family.

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