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Suzuki Upington was established in 2016 as the only Suzuki Dealer in South Africa with Suzuki Motorcycles and Suzuki Marine all under one roof at 4X4 Mega World Upington, part of the Walker Group. It has since grown significantly with a brand new building being planned for 2022.

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Suzuki Upington Offers a wide range of new and used car deals. Whether you’re looking for an affordable new car or a reliable pre-owned car, We’ve got you covered.

  • The top five reasons to have your car serviced are:

    Performance: Regular servicing reduces the wear and tear of your car, meaning that it is always operating at its peak potential. 
    Lower costs: If your car is always running at its peak, it means that you will have an overall lower cost of ownership. Servicing helps identify and prevent many of the large-scale and expensive problems early.
    Higher resale value: What more can we say? Most buyers look for a full service history because it is an indication that the car was well maintained… so, to ensure a good trade-in value, try not to miss a service. 
    Keeping it eco-friendly: We're all aware that car emissions produce pollution. Regular maintenance helps your car emit less dangerous fumes and fluids than it would if it was performing poorly.
    Maintaining your warranty: A warranty is your car manufacturer's promise that the parts in the car will work optimally, and that they will replace them if they break. You need to honour your slice of this agreement with regular services to keep the parts working as they should. The manufacturer can't promise that the parts will keep working if they don't receive the treatment they need during their lifespan.

    Your first service should occur at 15 000 km or once a year (whichever comes first), then every 15 000 km or once a year (again, whichever comes first) after that. Suzuki Boosterjet engines are slightly different in that – because they have a turbo booster, the services should be at intervals of 10 000 km or one year, whichever comes first

  • Are there different types of car services?

    Yes, you get different types of services (basic, full, and major). The type of service depends on your car's age or kilometres on the clock. All our service options will include the following:

    • Oil and oil filter change.
    • Wheel alignment.
    • Suspension tests.
    • Tyre tread checks.
    • Top up of all the vital fluids in the engine (washer fluid, brake fluid, and steering fluid).
    • A visual inspection of the car's maintenance.
    • Several other essential inspections.
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Suzuki Upington Offers a wide range of new cars. Are you’re looking for an affordable new car? We’ve got you covered.


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