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Suzuki Care

Care! Products

Our 10 care commitments to our Suzuki family

  • Deliver on every promise we make to you
  • Give you – our valued customer – the quality service you deserve
  • Conduct business with openness and integrity
  • Strive to make it right the first time
  • Put your needs first
  • Listen. Your say is important to us
  • Fully disclose the terms of our products and services to all our customers
  • Make sure that our services are easily accessible to all
  • Go above and beyond the call of duty when necessary
  • Cultivate a culture to ‘knock your socks off’ with our brilliant service

Extended Service Plan

A vehicle service plan is a facility which allows a customer to pay for future routine vehicle servicing up front. A service plan covers service items on a vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, e.g. if a vehicle has 15 000km service intervals, the service plan will pay for the serviced parts, the reasonable cost of labour and lubricants as specified by the manufacturer at the 15 000km intervals. The service plan does not cover any wear and tear-related items or failure thereof.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty covers your vehicle for mechanical and electrical breakdown for a range of components after your original warranty expires – providing cover against the costs of unforeseen breakdowns. Enjoy complete peace of mind because worrying about unplanned repairs and maintenance plans will be a thing of the past. Remember that if you regularly service your Suzuki, its resale value will gradually improve.

Suzuki Genuine Parts

Place your Suzuki in the hands of genuine specialists, because quality and function down to the smallest detail is everything. By using only Genuine Suzuki Parts, you will not only be guaranteed the highest possible quality, you will maintain your warranty and improve the resale value of your Suzuki.

Care! Philosophy

Suzuki promises each Suzuki driver an exciting owning experience, along with total peace of mind.

We strive to always be transparent, continuously helpful and to deliver excellent service honestly and professionally.

Our Customers Are Really Everything, and this is why we C.A.R.E.